General Divorce

General Divorce

What is General Divorce?

A general contested divorce occurs when the parties cannot agree on any or all issues, whether it be how much time each parent will get with their children, how much alimony should be paid, how property should be distributed, who is responsible for which debts, or any other potential issues depending on the complexity of the parties’ marriage and lifestyle. If the parties cannot agree, one party (the Plaintiff) files a Complaint for Divorce, and the other party (the Defendant) is served. If you get served with a Complaint for Divorce, it is important to take action quickly, as you must file your Answer within 21 days. It is possible for a divorce to begin “contested” and eventually become “uncontested” if the parties are able to resolve their issues during the pendency of the case. It is also possible for the divorce to begin “uncontested” and eventually become “contested” if the parties are not able to resolve their issues. In either scenario, an experienced attorney is necessary.

Amy Byer Law is experienced in both uncontested and contested divorces, and we understand the many questions you may be having at this time.  Should you seek an explanation of the issues involved, or if you have questions, please contact us and we will schedule a free one-hour consultation to address your concerns. We understand that going through a divorce or any other family law matter can be an extremely sensitive and difficult time, and our first priority is to answer your questions, carefully explain the law to you as it relates to your unique situation, and to formulate a plan of action to best represent your interests and protect your rights.


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